“It is our mission to dynamically empower battlefield wounded Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors by providing events that re-enforce the warrior ethos and provide technical and tactical opportunities while promoting self-worth and the drive to be a viable asset to the community.”

–WSEG Inc.


These types of events are essential to our Warriors for a number of reasons:

1) Many US shooting ranges are not handicapped accessible

2) The financial strain of recovery may preclude a wounded service member from having the discretionary income needed to enjoy range activities

3) Many service members do not have the support personnel needed for a safe and enjoyable range trip.

Knowing that healthy morale is the key to the recovery process, WSEG provides wounded troops the opportunity to not only to receive rehabilitating firearms training but also to enjoy themselves.

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WSEG about us

The WSEG is a non-profit, veteran-owned organization whose sole purpose is putting on events to help wounded personnel get back on the range to remember their abilities and not their disabilities.

The shooting event/competition is typically for the combat wounded who are trying to get back into the swing of things and part of the warfighter rehabilitative process. The reasoning behind this is that we have a number of wounded who have lost limbs, motor function, are suffering from PTSD/TBI and are the priority for our mission. Sometimes these troops are pushed to the end of the line in this side of the rehabilitative process due to, what I believe is a misunderstanding of the warfighter mindset. We work with the WTBs to ensure safety is a priority and that we do no harm.


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